Supplies at Work: Steel mill cranes carry the load

Konecranes ( has been awarded a contract to supply all of the cranes for TPCO America Corporation's new seamless steel pipe manufacturing facility near Gregory, Texas. The turnkey order includes 24 cranes for the melt shop, rolling mill and finishing mill.

Konecranes will supply seven custom engineered cranes, including two hot metal ladle cranes, a tundish crane, two magnet scrap handling cranes and two magnet billet cranes to the melt shop, ranging in capacity from 40 to 180 tons, all rated CMAA class E or F. The melt shop will also be serviced by two smaller CXT maintenance cranes.

The rolling mill will include 10 cranes ranging in capacity from 20 to 50 tons. The cranes will be used for pipe and billet handling and for mill maintenance.

For the finishing mill, Konecranes will supply three CMAA class F, 25-ton pipe handling cranes. The cranes will be used in the pipe finishing and threading operations. At the end of this process, two 30-ton CMAA Class E, semi-gantry magnet cranes will store finished pipe in the yard and load it into railcars.

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