Supplies at Work: Optimize material movement and blending operations

Honeywell's ( recently launched BMA R400.1 solution is designed to improve safety, reliability and operational performance. Honeywell's recent blending and movement automation projects include refinery off-sites, terminals and large tank farms worldwide.

Honeywell has over 30 recently completed and in-progress BMA projects worldwide.  The customers represent broad segments of the BMA sector in every region of the globe, and range from major oil refiners to mid-size refiners and independent operators.  They include:

  • Global petroleum exploration and production company choosing Honeywell’s blend control and blend property control solutions for its refineries in Germany and USA.
  • Leading energy producers in Spain and Portugal implementing Honeywell’s movement automation solution to monitor their off-sites operations to improve safety and movement reliability.
  • Indian petroleum firm continuing its investment in Honeywell’s BMA technology by migrating their complete off-sites blending and movement operations to Honeywell’s next generation Experion solution for long-term sustainability.
  • Independent US petroleum refiner will again rely on Honeywell to deliver a complete blending control and optimization solution as part of a control system upgrade.  The system will provide best-in-class refinery blending operation and improved profitability at multiple facilities.
  • Korean petroleum and refining corporation choosing Honeywell’s BMA technology over competitive solutions to improve efficiency and profitability of their blending operations.
  • European-based refining company selecting Honeywell to provide movement and automation technology leveraged with OneWireless™ network solution at one of the world’s best-in-class refineries.  The integrated solution will help to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of the company’s off-sites operations without the need for a significant automation infrastructure investment.
  • Middle Eastern oil & gas company migrating to Honeywell’s advanced BMA OpenBPC technology for online product property control and optimization.
  • Leading Turkish refinery selecting Honeywell to provide a complete blending system for its in-line gasoline blending operations. This turnkey solution includes Honeywell’s Experion-based blend control and blend property control, blend performance monitoring, as well as the blending skids and on-line analyzers.

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