Supplies at Work: How one company is supplying ecofriendly electricity to mines

Supplies at Work: Siemens to supply a complete power island solution for a new power station

Siemens Energy ( has received an order from Australia for the supply of two steam turbines and four gas turbines for the Diamantina combined cycle power station. Purchaser for the plant in Mount Isa in the state of Queensland is CTEC. End customer is Diamantina Power Station Pty Limited, a joint venture between APA Group and AGL Energy Limited.

Following commissioning of the combined cycle plant scheduled for early 2014, the installed capacity of 242 megawatts (MW) will be sufficient to supply ecofriendly electricity to local mines operated by Xstrata and to people living in the region.

The Diamantina combined cycle power station in Mount Isa is being built adjacent to the existing Mica Creek station. Siemens will be responsible for the overall plant design and will also provide technical advisory services during the construction and commissioning phases of the project. The Siemens scope of supply encompasses two power islands each comprising one SST-400 steam turbine, two SGT-800 gas turbines and two heat-recovery steam generators (HRSG).

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Supplies at Work: ABB signs licensing agreement with ECOtality for EV charging systems

ABB ( has signed a $5 million non-exclusive licensing agreement with ECOtality ( to utilize ECOtality’s Blink Network for ABB’s electric vehicle (EV) charging systems.

The Blink Network is an operating platform that is designed to enable EV charging providers to integrate with utilities and other third parties to facilitate data exchange, utility services, energy management, media communications, and membership and payment programs.