Slow-motion explosion demonstrates why you should never set batteries on fire

Have you ever taken the time to read the warning labels on consumer products? You should; you might learn something new and have a good chuckle. For example, did you know that you should never iron clothes while you are wearing them? Did you know that you should remove a child before folding a stroller? Only one question remains. Who would be crazy/stupid enough to try that? Well, YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys view warnings as an opportunity to film epic failures as demonstrated in their latest video where they expose batteries to open flames. Warning, do not try this at home.

According to Sophie Weiner for Popular Mechanics: "While these aren't the more powerful and sophisticated lithium batteries that power your gadgets, it's still gives you a good understanding why Energizer and Duracell put copious warnings on its packaging. Starting with watch batteries, the display is dramatic. The explosions cause loud popping sounds and flying detritus, like the part of the watch battery that nearly hits Dan in the face.

When they move over to your standard Energizer AA lithium batteries things get even more intense, with giant plumes of smoke and a big fiery explosion, which is particularly gorgeous in slow motion. Enjoy, and don't try this at home."

To learn more, read "Watch These Batteries Explode In Super Slow Motion" from Popular Mechanics.