Robots in the classroom

Every child has a favorite subject in school. Some children prefer math, while others enjoy science or literature. Future generations, however, will be able to say that robotics was their favorite area of study, thanks to ABB.

ABB is offering schools, colleges and universities a robotic package, which is designed to teach real-life industrial robot concepts in the classroom. Based around ABB’s IRB 120 robot and its controller, the package enables students to increase their awareness and understanding of the principles and operation of industrial robots used in modern manufacturing applications.

According to ABB, the robotic package is designed to give students an insight into:

  • How industrial robots are programmed and operated
  • The design and control principles of industrial robots
  • The design and control principles of robot work cells
  • Programming ABB robots using the off-line programming software, RobotStudio
  • Robotic cell hazards, health and safety and maintenance requirements

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