Recycle your rusted wrench by transforming it into a custom knife

Every avid DIYer shares the same dark secret. We all have rusted or broken tools that we just can't bring ourselves to throw away. Maybe it's sentimentality or thrift, but regardless of the reason, these abandoned tools take up valuable space in our overflowing tool boxes. But what if there was a way to bring new life to these forgotten tools? If you have some basic blacksmithing skills, you can learn to transform something as simple as a wrench into a custom knife. Here's how.

According to David Grossman for Popular Mechanics: "The first step is sawing off the business end of the wrench. After that, you're left with a metal bar, which you can mold in the traditional way one would make a knife: heating it up in a forge, banging on it a lot, smoothing it out."

To learn more, read "Watch a Wrench Wordlessly Transform Into a Knife" from Popular Mechanics.