Play now: Science Kombat brings pixelated video game violence to science

Have you ever wanted to punch Albert Einstein in the face? How about giving Nikola Tesla a roundhouse kick? Thomas Edison did, and now you can too, thanks to a new video game called Science Kombat. Be warned. This game is very addictive and it might cause you to waste a lot of time at work.

According to ScienceAlert: "Thanks to Science Kombat, a new arcade fighting game from the crew at Superinteressante magazine, we can actually get in on the action, stepping into the ring with our pick of history's greatest researchers.

Like a kind of brainiac Mortal Kombat but with more pixellated Street Fighter 2 vibes, Science Kombat gives you the choice of duking it out as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Pythagoras, Alan Turing, or Marie Curie.

Each of these fighters has special moves loosely based on their fields of expertise. For example, Stephen Hawking can generate energy-sapping black holes, Nikola Tesla brandishes a humongous energy weapon, and Pythagoras has a mean hypotenuse-esque uppercut to rival SF2 Ryu's dragon punch (if you know what I mean)."

Click here to play the game for yourself.

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