Personal 3-D printers: Fact or fiction

3-D printing is the newest craze in additive manufacturing technology, but does it have practical applications for everyday people? Will we soon live in a world where printers are replicating spare parts, 5-star meals or even organs with the push of a button?

According to CNNMoney, "3-D printers have been around for more than 20 years. Until recently, they've been multimillion-dollar machines used mainly by manufacturers like automobile and aerospace companies. Now, the technology has evolved far enough that cheap devices are making 3-D printing accessible to the masses, spurring all types of creativity. Hobbyists are printing their own action figures, doctors have used the systems to print artificial organs, and chefs are testing out ways to print gourmet meals."

To learn more about 3-D printers, watch the video below.

3-D printers move to the mainstream