Particle physicist brings real-life science to "Ghostbusters" reboot

Who you gonna call when you want to make a scientifically plausible reboot of the 1984 classic "Ghostbusters"? James Maxwell, of course. Maxwell, a particle physicist at MIT, was brought in by director Paul Feig to bring a scientific eye to the equipment featured in the 2016 film. A recently released video explains Maxwell's role in the film, from modifying the design of the proton pack to ensuring that scientific equations on the papers and whiteboards were correct.

According to Maxwell, the first Ghostbusters proton pack used a cyclotron, which has two electrodes and the particle starts in the middle and spirals outward, gaining speed. For this new film, the proton pack features a synchrotron, so you can actually vary the electron field in a ring.

You can even view photos and schematics for the Ghostbusters equipment by visiting