Order through chaos: Inside Amazon's Manhattan Prime Now warehouse

In most warehouses, order is key. Like items are stocked together in a logical fashion, which leads to easier picking and delivery. You would expect Amazon's Prime Now locations to follow suit, but nothing could be further from the truth. Items are haphazardly stocked wherever there is available space. In one section, a DVD copy of "The Walking Dead" is stocked next to skin moisturizer and jar of pickles. And yet everything functions smoothly and efficiently.

According to Darren Weaver and Alana Kakoyiannis for Business Insider: "If you live in one the 27 cities where Amazon offers its Prime Now service, you can have tens of thousands of items delivered to your door in an hour. On a recent visit to Amazon's Manhattan Prime Now location, we got a peek at how it stocks its shelves, and it looks like a total mess. But there's a perfect reason it looks that way, and it's part of the reason you can get your order in an hour."

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