Netflix answers the prayers of science geeks with "Mythbusters" spinoff

If you are like me, then the cancellation of "Mythbusters" has left a hole in your life that no other TV show can fill. Every week, I would tune in to watch the team use DIY ingenuity and practical application to put science to the test. But Netflix is now picking up the STEM torch with its new show, "White Rabbit Project," which puts three of our favorite mythbusters back in the field.

According to Andrew Moseman for Popular Mechanics: "Original hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman left "Mythbusters" last year after 14 long years and won't be part of this spinoff. But Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara, who joined the show during the second and third season, will lead the new version on Netflix.

It's yet another example of beloved but cancelled shows finding a new home in the streaming universe. Netflix already has revived "Full House" and "Gilmore Girls," while "The Grand Tour"—the new show featuring the three former hosts of BBC's "Top Gear"—just debuted on Amazon Prime."

To learn more, read 'Netflix Is Making a "Mythbusters" Spinoff Called "White Rabbit Project"' from Popular Mechanics.