Myth busting "The Swiss Family Robinson": Would a coconut grenade really work?

The 1960 movie "The Swiss Family Robinson" is a Disney classic, but with farfetched and unbelievable scenes like the New Switzerland race that includes an elephant, an ostrich, and a zebra, it can be hard to take this movie seriously. In an attempt to bring a dose of reality to this fanciful film, two YouTubers has tested one of the movie's most inventive weapons: the coconut bomb. Do not try this at home.

According to Darren Orf for Popular Mechanics: "Grant Thompson makes three grenades—filled with varying degrees of charge—to test the hypothesis, and tops them off with paper and sugar fuses. Turns out not only can you make a grenade out of a coconut, but you can make a pretty damn good grenade out of a coconut."

To learn more, read "Can You Make a Grenade Out of a Coconut?" from Popular Mechanics.