Molten metal squirt gun is so hot, it’s cool

Do you like water guns but wish they were more dangerous? Are you looking for a good reason to melt down your pewter knick-knacks? Do you love watching the destructive power of science? YouTuber The Backyard Scientist proves his mettle in a recent video with his homemade molten metal squirt gun. As always, don’t try this at home.

According to David Grossman for Popular Mechanics: "It looks like half of its inspiration came from an artist's studio and half came out of Mad Max. What the molten metal gun lacks in distance and power it makes up for in shooting molten metal. The liquid is at a downward arc almost as soon as it shoots out of the gun, and to BackyardScientist's surprise it can't break glass.

But where it fails as a weapon, it might have success in the artist's studio. The metal created from the gun is quite lovely."

To learn more, read "A Molten Metal Gun Is a Super Soaker From Hell" from Popular Mechanics.