MIT's monthly flea market is a nerdy DIYer's nirvana

As you might remember, I am an avid garage sale hunter, but finding the perfect sale can be difficult. I sift through hundreds of newspaper ad and corner signs as I search for a sale with the right combination of classic sci-fi memorabilia, mid-century knick knacks, and hard-to-find albums in perfect condition. But what if there was a place for tech-savvy DIYers to find the necessary parts to make their dreams come true? Well, you are in luck because MIT is having a yard sale!

According to the Associated Press: "It's known as Swapfest, a place where tinkerers from across New England go to buy and sell the gadgets they can't find in stores. Some arrive searching for parts to build robots. Others are amateur radio enthusiasts adding to their collections. For some, it's simply an outdoor museum of the strange and surprising.

The event started 30 years ago as a campus fundraiser for student radio clubs at MIT. It still supports those groups, but it's grown far bigger. Sellers now drive from hours away to hawk their goods, some arriving the night before to claim marquee spots for their tables. Hundreds of shoppers come to browse every month."

It might be simplistic, but this is what I imagine an MIT swap meet would be like.

To learn more, read "MIT Hosts the World's Geekiest Flea Market" from Popular Mechanics.