Meet the world's fastest street-legal shed

Are you looking for a new way to repurpose your old shed? You could convert it into a workshop, a playhouse, a pool house, or even a doghouse. But if you have a need for speed, you can follow in the footsteps of Kevin Nicks and Frankenstein your shed into the ultimate storage vehicle, complete with a nitrous oxide tank for more power.

According to Máté Petrány for Popular Mechanics: "Kevin Nicks built his high-speed shed at home with his daughter. Starting with a Volkswagen Passat, powered by a 2.8 V6 good for around 200 horses, Nicks built the steel-framed shed to his own design. But since this mid-sized sedan now weighs more than two tons due to the added building, he also tossed in a bottle of nitrous oxide, which can grant an additional 75 horsepower to the shed's drag racing potential. And parking remains as easy as with any small house, if not easier." 

To learn more, read "The World's Fastest Street-Legal Shed Can Do 96 MPH" from Popular Mechanics.