Measure power quality to ensure electrical safety

Join us today at 2 p.m. eastern time for the next installment in the 2011 Plant Services Performance Optimization Webinar Series. Today's webinar will discuss how to measure power quality to ensure electrical safety.

Frank Healy, marketing manager, power quality, at Fluke, will discuss some of the issues relating to safety, power quality and electrical safety in general. He will help attendees consider the types of loads in their facilities that are susceptible to power quality issues and talk about those loads which may be causing problems. The webinar will also cover the steps you should take when making power quality measurements that will keep you safe and ensure you keep your plant running reliably.

This webcast will address safety issues related to power quality, including documenting adds, moves and changes; electrical testing records; maintaining signage; checking equipment rating plates and labels; and making safe measurements. The webcast will also help attendees recognize power quality symptoms, including premature or repeated equipment failures, random equipment resets or process failures, breaker tripping with no sign of overloading, transformers and induction motors running hot, and equipment switching to uninterruptable power supplies.

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