Make your own snow plow using a repurposed toilet

Snow removal can be a soul-crushing job. Use a shovel and you'll face hours of back-breaking labor just clearing the driveway. Use a snow blower and you'll annoy the entire neighborhood with your relentless noise pollution. David Goldberg of Maryland took creativity and ingenuity to the next level when he built his own snow plow, complete with a porcelain throne for maximum comfort.

According to Kate Storey from Popular Mechanics: "The commode sits on top of a motorized base with a plow and a salter. He created the invention, which he calls "Loo-cy," after getting tired of shoveling. Goldberg told WUSA-9 he's been using the contraption for a couple of years and hopes next year to add a heated seat to the John. You could say he's flush with good ideas."

To learn more, read "Maryland Man Made a Snowplow Out of His Toilet" from Popular Mechanics.