Little girl engineers glitter-shooting prosthetic arm

Engineers are always using technology and ingenuity to overcome problems, and Jordan Reeves is no exception. This remarkable 10-year-old designed and 3D printed a prosthetic arm for herself that can shoot glitter.

According to Science Alert: "Reeves was born with a limb difference, which means her left arm stops just above the elbow. After sketching up her dream arm, she created a 3D-printed cast of her arm and a plastic cuff made to fit comfortably over it, so that she could test different prototypes.  She then used 3D printing software to come up with different designs for her glitter cannons, and went about testing them."

Made during the five-day Superhero Cyborgs workshop with the help of on-hand engineers, Jordan's prosthetic arm pushes the boundaries of modern prosthetic beyond he normal uses of a hand or an arm.

To learn more, read "This 10-year-old has built a prosthetic arm that shoots glitter" from Science Alert.