Lego honors women in science

It seems like soon our reality will be nothing more than tiny, colorful, interlocking blocks. Lego is reinventing the world of animation, providing the raw materials for our dreams, and inspiring a new generation to enter the STEM fields. The toymaker is now set to honor some of the most influential women at NASA, an idea offered by science writer and editor Maia Weinstock.

According to Amanda Kooser for CNET: "The approval of the set comes on the heels of popular 2016 movie 'Hidden Figures,' which explores the contributions of black women to the space agency and the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit in the early 1960s. Katherine Johnson, one of the scientists featured in the film, appears in the Lego minifig set.

The project also includes computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, astronaut Sally Ride, astronomer Nancy Grace Roman and astronaut Mae Jemison."

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