I want it: Gain levitation superpowers with a pair of gloves

Looking for a new superpower that you can acquire easily and painlessly? Have you considered levitation? All you need is a pair of gloves and two really powerful speakers. 

According to Popular Science: "GauntLev is a new tool from a group of UK-based researchers that uses sound to make small objects levitate.

Though the actual devices use a variety of formats, the basic idea is that two sound waves from opposing directions connect at a certain point. When that happens, the converging waves create lift from two directions, holding things in place.

Right now the device can only pick up small things like beads, but the idea is that this technology can later be used to manipulate things that are hard to handle such as hot, reactive, or fragile items (though nothing so fragile that it could shatter from sound waves)."

To learn more, read "Watch This Glove Levitate Objects With Sound" from Popular Science.