How virtual reality is training astronauts for the hardest job on Earth (so to speak)

Virtual reality and space exploration seem to go hand in hand. Whether you are pretending to be a Resistance secret agent on Jakku or preparing for a mission into the beautiful, yet unforgiving, landscape of outer space, augmented reality can give you the necessary training and expertise you need.

In a recent article for TechRepublic, Erin Carson explored the importance of the Virtual Reality Lab at NASA's Johnson Space Center to prepare astronauts both mentally and physically for the experiences of space.

According to Carson: "For as long as virtual reality has existed, even conceptually, its constant companions have been hype, gimmickry, and unmet expectations. While the commercial VR industry has waited for another shot at world domination, Johnson Space Center's VR Lab doggedly worked on ways to better train astronauts for one of the most dangerous excursions of their lives.

Virtual reality has matured and developed into a mission-critical training tool. NASA has pushed a number of different technologies to their limits to pull it off, without the glare of industry expectations or the pressure of packaging it into a consumer product. Their solution isn't flashy, but it's immensely powerful. And it works."

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