How to use wood veneer to make a statement

Thrift stores and antique shops are ideal spots if you are on the search for unique vintage furniture. The only problem is that many of the wood pieces has missing or peeling veneer. Sure, you could salvage the piece, but the thought of recovering an entire chair back or a table top in veneer is not my definition of a good time. With the right creativity and design sensibility, however, you can turn a negative into a positive and use wood veneer to turn ordinary furniture into statement pieces.

According to Caleb Kraft for Make: "I found this really cool chair on the side of the road by someone’s trash. The only thing I could find wrong with it was that the veneer on the back had begun to peel on one corner. It has been sitting in my house for about a year now, while I schemed up different ways to fix it. Ultimately I decided I wanted to repair it, but I wanted to customize it as well.

To get the result I wanted, I used iron-on veneer. It was ridiculously easy and I love the result."