How to make French fries with an air cannon

I love eating, but I'm not always a fan of cooking. From overcomplicated recipes to occasional accidents, cooking can feel more like a chore than a relaxing pastime. And don't even get me started on cleanup. If you want to add some spice to your cooking routine, try preparing your mise en place using an air cannon. All you need is some PVC pipe and a slicer to shoot perfectly cut French fries across your kitchen.

According to Andrew Moseman for Popular Mechanics: "It's a pretty clever little project. The builder says he walked around the hardware store with his blades before realizing they could fit perfectly inside a closet flange. Potatoes does fit perfectly in this 3-inch pipe, so he uses cabbage as a sabot."

To learn more, read "Slicer Cannon Fires a Hail of French Fries" from Popular Mechanics.