Happy birthday, America! We honor you with a 1,001-Roman-candle salute.

How are you planning to celebrate America's birthday? Burning burgers at a family BBQ? Shopping sales at the local mall? Creating a PVC minigun that can shoot 1,001 Roman candles in 45 seconds? In one of the most breathtaking and death-defying videos I have ever seen, a group of Milwaukeeans fire their homemade Roman candle minigun on the beach at sunset. This should be a no-brainer, but don't try this at home.

Speaking of Roman candles, do you want to see a video of a drone shooting Roman candles at people as they run away in fear? Of course you do.

According to Popular Science: "Looking much like an X-wing cockpit, this drone’s four cannons converge on screen, implying a menacing threat. Well, it might be a tad more menacing if the cannons weren’t brightly papered fireworks. Attached to this quadcopter are four Roman candles in full Fourth of July exuberance. The drone’s targets? Volunteers clad in thin T-shirts and black motorcycle helmets -- their only form of protection against the fiery ammo."

To learn more, read "Pyro Geniuses Make a Roman Candle Minigun" from Popular Mechanics and "Watch A Drone Bombard Volunteers With Roman Candles" from Popular Science.