Halloween cart rewards good kids with candy and punishes bad kids with toilet paper

Giving out Halloween candy is a tremendous responsibility. Are you a cool neighbor who lets the trick-or-treaters take as much candy as they want? Are you a sensible neighbor who tells each child to only take two pieces? Or are you a costume snob like me who uses candy to rate the creativity of the child’s Halloween costume? Every time I open the front door on Halloween night, I’m faced with a group of kids of varying costume ingenuity and a difficult decision to make. But what if there was a way to reward kids with inventive costumes and punish those with run-of-the-mill costumes? Now there is. In a recent video, YouTuber Bob from I Like To Make Stuff demonstrates how to construct a trick-or-treat cart. The cart can launch handfuls of candy or shoot long strands of toilet paper.  Now you can decide which kid gets the treat and which gets tricked.