Google uses Star Wars to bring virtual reality to the forefront

VR and augmented reality continue to evolve before our very eyes. While we may not be able to see inside locked panels just yet, Google continues to use entertainment as a wedge to help the technology catch on more widely. Enter Jakku Spy.

A joint venture between Lucasfilm and Google Cardboard, Jakku Spy is part of a larger Star Wars app that brings the iconic universe one step closer to reality. In Jakku Spy, you are a Resistance secret agent on Jakku (the desert world from Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Jakku Spy is only the first installment a series of story-driven experiences leading up to the film's release later on this month.

Jakku Spy relies heavily on Google Cardboard, a foldable frame for smartphones that is designed to improve virtual reality immersion. Watch the videos below to see Jakku Spy in action.

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