Free fallin' anvil: Watch the beautiful destruction

Maybe I have a little Wile E. Coyote in me, but I love watching a falling anvil obliterate everything in its path. Call me crazy, but I find something deeply satisfying about watching a symbol of creation and strength turn everyday objects into little more than dust. The minds behind YouTube channel How Ridiculous must share my passion given their latest collection of videos. Perched atop a 150-foot tower, the gang demonstrates what happens when an anvil meets a can of spray paint, a watermelon, a can of silly string and much more.

According to Avery Thompson for Popular Mechanics: "It's fun to make things explode. Sometimes you'll need actual explosives to make things explode, but most often you'll simply need to drop something heavy on them. For instance, you can make a bunch of paint cans explode simply by dropping an anvil on them from 150 feet.

While most people would be content simply knowing that such a thing would happen, the folks at How Ridiculous decided to do it."

To learn more, read "An Anvil Plus Paint Cans Equals a Kick-Ass Rainbow Explosion" from Popular Mechanics.