Extreme weeding with flamethrowers

Do you love gardening but hate weeding? Do you prefer organic, all-natural products to those containing harsh chemical? Are you looking for a new use for your flamethrower? Then consider investing in flame weeding equipment from Flame Engineering, Inc. The company offers an array of products from small, handheld units to menacing, commercial contraptions for tractors and other farm equipment. Please don’t try this at home.

According to Interesting Engineering: "Organic farmers are returning to an ancient tool in the fight against weeds - fire. Called ‘flame weeding’ the process involves installing a pretty hardcore row of flamethrowers onto the front of a tractor and slowly driving through fields of crops blasting the weeds in between the rows of crops.

Flame Engineering, Inc. specializes in developing and selling flame weeding equipment and says the technique is really scientific. The company's website explains that the technique is not about blasting the weeds to kingdom come but rather about focusing on destroying cell structure."

To learn more, read "This Flamethrowing Tractor Gets Rid of Weeds Without the Need of Chemicals" from Interesting Engineering.