Extreme DIY: Monowheel puts a new spin on motorized vehicles

What do you get when you cross a motorcycle with a unicycle and add a touch of whimsy? You get a monowheel. In case you've never seen one, a monowheel is a one-wheeled, single-track vehicle, and the rider sits inside the wheel. In a recent video, YouTuber Make it Extreme offers viewers a step-by-step tutorial illustrating how he brought this unusual vehicle to life.

According to Make it Extreme: "The monowheel is a machine that has only one wheel and the driver sits inside it. The wheel is leaded by other smaller wheels and it is moved by the machine through a rubber wheel, which is connected with the main wheel.

Firstly, we started our structure by making a big, metallic wheel with 130cm diameter using a tube of 40mm diameter. Then, we lined the metallic wheel with a rubber in order to achieve having the benefits that all the tyres have on the street. Also, due to the fact that the wheel is big in size, we took 4 tyres from small motorbikes and we cut them as well as we glued the one with the other in order to form a tyre."

To learn more, read "Making a Monowheel."