Epic safety fail: How to inflate a tire using fire

Like any red-blooded American, I love a YouTube video with fire, explosions, and other destructive forces. But what if you could quench your lust for mayhem and complete an automotive task at the same time? Then watch this epic video demonstrating how to inflate a tire that won't seat the bead using a blast of fire.

According to Timothy Dahl for Popular Mechanics: "Auto and ATV tires won't inflate unless the bead around the rim is sealed tight. So if you break that bead, you've got a problem. It's something that strikes off-road enthusiasts who deflate their tires for better traction on slick rock or in sand, only to see the bead break and find themselves stuck in the middle of the desert or woods.

Here's a simple but explosive trick that works to get that bead set. This primitive tire hack gets the job done, but use caution around flammable liquid. And never use gasoline for this!"

To learn more, read "How To Fix a Tire With a Blast of Fire" from Popular Mechanics.