Don't try this at home: A ball pit filled with 30,000 beer cans

Nothing embodies childhood fun and frivolity quite like a ball pit. Whether you are at a birthday party or an arcade with animatronic animals, ball pits are synonymous with senseless, unencumbered joy. But they are not just for kids anymore. Adult ball pits are gaining popularity, and there is even a ball pit bar in London. But what if you could make your own ball pit using nothing but empty beer cans?

Tamara Fuentes for Popular Mechanics writes: "A YouTube user by the name of Tammy Penhall posted several videos showing the giant pit filled with cans of Victoria Bitter beer. According to the video, the giant pit is located in Moonta, South Australia, and contains 30,000 cans that were collected over a period of 15 years.

According to an interview Penhall gave to 9Pickle, the man has been ripping the rings off the beer cans to donate them to a local community service club, the Apex Club, for their wheelchair fundraiser. She also said that all of the beers in the shed were consumed in his own backyard."

To learn more, read "Australian Man Makes a Ball Pit From 30,000 Beer Cans" from Popular Mechanics.