Do NOT DIY: Liquid nitrogen gun vs. flamethrower: Which will win?

Which is stronger, fire or ice? This age-old question has plagued man throughout time. But one courageous DIYer has turned his backyard into a scientific lab as he builds and tests a liquid nitrogen gun before the eyes of his YouTube follower. His video culminates in a battle between the liquid-nitrogen-fueled freeze-ray and a homemade flamethrower. I cannot stress this enough. Do not try this at home.

According to Popular Mechanics: "The first step was to fill up a thermos with liquid nitrogen. The pressure from the liquid nitrogen turning a gas shoots it up out of the hole of the thermos, and a well-placed nozzle creates a chilling frost that could cool down even the hottest summer. Ice ultimately wins, but only by advancing on the flames, so you could call it a contested victory. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who'd stand there while the flamethrower gets a similar attempt, though."

To learn more, read "Liquid Nitrogen Verses DIY Flamethrower: Place Your Bets" from Popular Mechanics.