Do not DIY: Giant slingshot propels pumpkins over 300 feet

Pumpkins are the perfect autumn accessory. You can use them to decorate your front porch, carve them to scare and awe the neighbors, or turn them into scrumptious pies. But what do you do when your perfect pumpkin starts to rot? You create a giant slingshot to chuck that pumpkin. It's probably best that you don't try this one at home.

According to Darren Orf for Popular Mechanics: "At first glance, this huge bowling ball-throwing machine looks like a hacked together siege weapon, a trebuchet more at comfortable in some European medieval battlefield than on a YouTube Channel. But this weapon of wood and rubber is actually one giant slingshot with the power to fire bowling balls and pumpkins more than 300 feet."

To learn more, read "This Monster Slingshot Can Throw Bowling Balls More than 300 Feet" from Popular Mechanics.