Do NOT DIY: Fully automatic Coke bottle Gatling gun

Looking for a creative way to recycle your empty Coke bottles? One ambitious YouTuber has figure out how to use discarded plastic bottles, filled with compressed air, to power his fully automatic Gatling gun. With a few pieces of plywood and a cordless drill, DIYer Joerg Sprave has created a contraption capable of shooting arrows in rapid succession. I cannot stress this enough. Do not try this at home.

According to Popular Mechanics: "Just last week we brought you word of slingshot master Joerg Sprave's latest ludicrous invention: a DIY arrow-shooting gatling gun made out of little more than Coke bottles. The only catch is that, at the time, the device was semiautomatic. No longer.

While the original version of the silly but serious weapon required the user to open valves by hand in order to release the air pressure from inside the Coke bottles and send the arrows flying into their target, the new version automates the process with a drill to spin loaded Coke bottles and a piece that slams their valves open as they pass."

To learn more, "DIY Madman's Coke Bottle Gatling Gun Goes Full Auto" from Popular Mechanics.