Do NOT DIY: 40W laser shotgun destroys everything in its path

While lasers might have gotten their start on the pages of sci-fi novels, they are now firmly planted in our everyday lives. We use lasers to align our machines, cut intricate patterns and shapes, and much more. But ultimately, we just want to see lasers used for their original purpose; blasting unsuspecting objects into oblivion. I can not stress this enough; do not try this at home.

According to Popular Mechanics: "Sure, the military is working on 30 kilowatt death lasers, but you don't have to have the defense budget of a nation in order to get in on the laser gun fun. Youtuber styropyro build an insane 40W laser shotgun by himself in his garage, and the result is both stupidly dangerous and stupidly awesome.

Powered by a giant lithium-poylmer battery, this DIY laser shotgun has an array of eight 5W blue lasers that fire in parralel through a focusing lens. The result is a laser cannon that can pop balloons, set paper on fire, blow up a ping pong ball, and totally blind you if it gets in your eyes."

To learn more, read "This 40W DIY Laser Shotgun Is Stupidly Cool" from Popular Mechanics.