DIY with caution: Flame tornado puts tea lights to shame

With the changing season, it's common to light a few candles to fight the cold and the winter blues. But why use a candle when you can create your own multicolored flame tornado? Do you have unused glass vases and empty tea-light tins laying around the house? Then you have all the necessary materials to make a jaw-dropping flame tornado.

According to David Grossman from Popular Mechanics: "The fire tornado is already cool on its own, and way easier than building a giant tornado with a bonfire and box flames. What's more is that by adding chemicals like lithium to produce a red flame or boric acid to produce a green one, it's possible to generate a tornado that's multiple colors at once. The effect is certainly eye-catching but you might be better off not setting a bunch of chemicals on fire. And if you do, at least do it out in the backyard."

To learn more, read "You Can Make Your Very Own Miniature Flame Tornado" from Popular Mechanics.