DIY: Why clean up your mess when you can build a robot to do it for you?

Roombas are great, especially if they have cats dressed as sharks riding them. But with their high price tags and their ability to record and transmit video of your home, they aren't always the best cleaning solution. What if you could build your own self-guided robot to clean up your messes? Well, now you can.

According to David Grossman for Popular Mechanics: "It's complex, but not as complex as you'd think. Circuit Digest uses an Arduino Uno guiding the process, infrared and ultrasonic sensors to avoid tables, chairs, and other bumps on the floor, and an electric motor to get the whole thing running. The bot uses a wooden chassis and a simple car vacuum cleaner for the actual cleaning."

According to B. Aswinth Raj for Circuit Digest: "In this project we will use the power of Embedded Systems and Electronics to make our own robot which could help us in keeping our home or work place neat and tidy. This robot is simple four wheeled Vacuum Cleaner which could smartly avoid obstacles and vacuum the floor at the same time. The idea is inspired by the famous vacuum cleaner Robot Roomba."

To learn more, read "DIY Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot using Arduino" from Circuit Digest.