DIY: Use a hot wire foam cutter to bring your Styrofoam creations to life

Styrofoam has limitless uses from protecting precious cargo to creating outlandish Halloween costumes and acting as the base for intricate floral arrangements. But anyone who has tried to cut Styrofoam with a scissor or a knife knows that the task is far from simple. Styrofoam often breaks, the edges are never straight, and Styrofoam pieces end up everywhere. One ingenious DIYer has created a hot wire foam cutter that will transform an otherwise unusable material into something wonderful.

According to Benne for Instructables: "Styrofoam is a great material and can be used for many things like prototyping, prop making and even RC airplanes. Cutting styrofoam can be very tricky though. The best tool for this is a hot wire foam cutter. I wanted to be able to recycle styrofoam for future projects, so I decided to make my own.

A hot wire foam cutter is fairly easy to make and many people have done so already. I didn't want to just copy someone else's design, so I designed my own with the best features I could think of. I tried to make it look cool as well and also added laser engravings to the table!"

To learn more, read " Plywood Hot Wire Foam Cutter" from Instructables.