DIY: Turn your empty beer can into a mini grill

What do you do with all of your empty beer and soda cans? Do they fill up your recycling bin until it is overflowing? Do you impress your friends by crushing the cans on your forehead? What if you could upcycle that used aluminum and turn it into a mini grill? One YouTube DIYer has taken portable grilling to a new level with his drink-can BBQ.

According to The King of Random: "At some point this summer, you may find yourself somewhere your grill isn't, with an itch to cook up something tasty. So in this project let's hack an empty drink can, into an itty bitty BBQ, that will help get you the fix you need, and put some sizzle on those links one glorious dog at a time.

I just made a Bitty-Q that grilled the largest garlic and onion bratwurst I could find at the grocery store, so there's a good chance it'll handle your hot dogs as well."

To learn more, read "How To Make The Bitty-Q - (A Drink-Can BBQ) #Mikehacks" from Instructables.

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