DIY: Turn a discarded cardboard box into a meat smoker

Nothing say summer like the intoxicating aroma of smoked meat wafting through the neighborhood. But smoking your own meat can be costly, with smokers costing hundreds of dollars. But what if you could make a working smoker out of something as simple as a cardboard box?

According to Popular Mechanics: "Cook With created this minute-long video demonstrating how to make a cold smoker from little more than a cardboard box, a toilet paper roll, and simple tools. You could throw together the $1 DIY Smokehouse in a morning and be smoking meats to perfection by the afternoon."

For the advanced DIYer, check out Cook With's wooden homemade smoker.

To learn more, read "How to Make a $1 Meat Smoker From a Cardboard Box" from Popular Mechanics.

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