DIY tools: How to turn plywood scraps into a coping saw

Every workshop needs a good coping saw, but why buy one when you could make your own? It might sound complicated, but all you need are some plywood scraps and a pair of screws.

According to Popular Mechanics: "Coping saws are the smallest of saws, used cut delicate curves in wood. They work like a jigsaw but the smaller teeth allow greater precision and less tearout.

This coping saw build is made from plywood scraps, and shaped by a multitude of sanders and other saws in the Paoson Woodworking shop. But you can build this saw without all of the fancy power tools. You just need to cut out a u-pieced shape of wood and attach it to a handle. Smooth out all of the edges and drill holes in each end to hold the adjustable bolts which secure the blade."

To learn more, read "You Can Build Your Own Coping Saw for Cutting Elegant Curves" from Popular Mechanics.