DIY: The sound of snacking: How to turn potato chips into a speaker in 10 minutes

What sound does a potato chip make? Pop? Crunch? The Beatles greatest hits? If you turn that potato chip into a speaker, it can make any sound you want. All you need for this weekend DIY project is magnet wire, magnets, particleboard, a dowel and, of course, potato chips.

According to Popular Science: "In 1921, two scientists made the first modern loudspeaker out of magnets, wire, and paper. Now manufacturers use synthetic fibers and even ferrofluid. Why stop there? Your kitchen contains plenty of materials to build a functional woofer. A potato chip works as a sound-emitting diaphragm here, but other rigid foods work just as well."

To learn more, read "Raid Your Kitchen To Build This Potato Chip Speaker [Video]" from Popular Science.