DIY: Reconnect with your childhood by building a Nerf gun out of Legos

Is there anything that can't be made with Legos? It seems like every day there is a new YouTube video demonstrating another practical use for these colorful bricks. It's only a matter of time before our homes and all of our possessions are capable of being deconstructed brick by brick and reconstructed to produce new and better items. But until we all become master builders, we can still use Legos to construct working Nerf guns.

According to David Grossman for Popular Mechanics: "Legos are the coolest toy in the world, but until you actually make something out of them, they're just sharp blocks that will hurt your feet if you step on them. The possibilities are virtually endless: everything from drones to the Panama Canal. And that's just the beginning. It's even possible to use Legos to build your own Nerf gun.

Astonishing Studios, which made this gun, recommends getting a Medium Creative Brick Box to fulfill the project. It does require a few less common Lego ingredients like springs and plungers. Still, once you have the tools, it's not that hard at all."

To learn more, read "You Can Make Your Own Nerf Gun Out of Legos" from Popular Mechanics.