DIY project combines fashion jewelry and concealed weapons

I consider myself an avid hunter of gaudy vintage fashion jewelry, from statement necklaces to chandelier earrings and cocktail rings. But every time I wear my thrift-store treasures, one nagging question plays over and over again in my mind. Why can't I use my jewelry to conceal comically tiny tools and weapons? Well, thanks to this DIY ring knife, now I can.

According to Eric Limer for Popular Mechanics: "Built by Miller Knives (makers of the wrench tomahawk and horseshoe knife to name a few), this ring knife hides not one, but two blades, one serrated and one straight-edged. The downside? That makes the ring incredibly thick, not something you'd ever really want to wear on a regular basis.

This idea isn't especially new. You can find all kinds of knife rings out there, even ones that are made of titanium and sport laughably small combs in addition to a few tiny and all-but-useless blades."

To learn more, read "This DIY Ring Knife Is Amusingly Impractical" from Popular Mechanics.