DIY: Plasma pen uses electrical arc to leave its mark

Are you looking for a unique way to leave your brand on your latest DIY project? Why not engrave your mark using your own hand-made plasma pen? All you need is an arc lighter, a few brass rods and some wire.

According to Popular Mechanics: "An arc lighter is a huge improvement over standard cigarette lighters. It doesn't require fuel or use an open flame, instead it works by creating a small electrical arc between two electrodes that is much hotter than a flame, and it's windproof.

Prolific YouTuber NightHawkInLight previously made a mini plasma cutter from an arc lighter, and decided to take this project a step further by making this plasma pen that burns hand-written designs wood as easily as a pen writes on paper. Look at it as a form of pyrography, but using a different type of tool."

To learn more, read "How to Convert an Arc Lighter Into Your Very Own Plasma Pen" from Popular Mechanics.