DIY: Personalize your tools with an etched logo

Has this ever happened to you? You loan a tool to a neighbor or a friend only to find that it becomes assimilated into their collection. Labels are great to define what is yours, but they can peel and fall off over time. What if you could etch your name or logo into your metal tools? All you need is a 12v power source, salt and vinegar.

According to Popular Mechanics: "YouTuber, Chris Fix, shares the DIY process of metal etching, as he etches into a set of deep sockets and shows a technique for etching a logo with the help of nail polish.

To start etching you need a 12 volt DC source, two-lengths of wire with alligator clips, table salt, white vinegar, cotton swabs, and sticky stencils. The process is quite simple, but be careful not to touch the positive and negative ends of the clips together as the resulting arc could cause a fire."

To learn more, read "Etch Your Name Into Your Metal Tools Easily and Permanently" from Popular Mechanics.