DIY: Painting with light

As an avid DIYer and a fine arts major, I have painted in almost every medium known to man. But I must admit, I have never painted with light. The marriage of long-exposure photography and gestured paint strokes, painting with light might seem limited to an art gallery or a movie screen. Thanks to the know how of one DIYer, however, you too can build your own light paintbrush.

According to Gareth Branwyn for Make Magazine: "In John Park’s latest project in his explorations of the Circuit Playground’s capabilities, he shows us how to build a simple device for “painting with light” using long-exposure photography. All you really need is a Circuit Playground board, a camera capable of taking long-exposure photographs, a battery pack, some wire, and a potentiometer (to control the brightness of the NeoPixels)."

To learn more, read "How to Easily Build a 'Light Paintbrush'" from Make Magazine.