DIY: Make your own water jet cutter for less than $200

I fantasize about my dream workshop the way other women fantasize about their dream closets. In this sacred DIY space, I would have every tool at my disposal, no matter how costly or impractical. But in the real world, my workshop is hindered by the cruel realities of limited space and limited funds. But thanks to ingenious designers like YouTuber Applied Science, having my own water jet cutter no longer has to be a dream.

According to Jenny List for Hackaday: "We’ve become used to CNC mills and 3D printers becoming staples of our workshops, and thanks to the wonders of international trade even a modest laser cutter is not beyond the reach of most experimenters. But there is one tool that has so far evaded all but either commercial operations or the extremely well-heeled, the water cutter. These machines use a high-pressure water jet, usually carrying a stream of abrasive particles, to cut through the material placed beneath them. From our perspective they are interesting in that they can cut metal, something not normally possible with the laser cutters within our reach.

A water cutter is something you might think would be impossible for an experimenter to make for themself, but [Applied Science] is on hand to disprove that notion. He’s taken a cheap pressure washer, and modified it to produce a much higher water pressure for a water cutting head."

To learn more, read "A water jet cutter from a cheap pressure washer" from Hackaday.