DIY: Make your own cheap (and delicious) edible VR headset

Name three things you can make using graham crackers. Pie crust? S'mores? I bet you didn’t guess virtual reality headset. That’s right. Using the Google Cardboard headset as a template, you can put your technical and culinary skills to the test by building your own edible VR headset.

According to Mike Pomranz for Food and Wine: "The folks over at Make: decided to find a solution to a problem that didn’t exist by building an edible virtual reality viewer. Following the simple format the Google Cardboard headset – which as it promises, is made from not much more than cardboard – Make:’s Caleb Kraft replicated that cardboard in graham cracker form and used icing as adhesive to create a viewer that not only worked, but was almost completely edible with the exception of the all-important lenses.

For the record, Kraft gave considerable consideration to making edible lenses. 'I was going to order…lenses and make a mold, then experiment with sugar glass and gelatin to get an edible lens,' he wrote. 'I’m still fairly certain I could get something that would technically work, though it would be cruddy. However, I just didn’t have the time.'"

To learn more, read "How to make an edible virtual reality headset" from Food and Wine.