DIY: Make cleanup a breeze by building your own air broom

I'm a stickler for clean workspaces. Whether it's my cubicle, my kitchen counters or my home workshop, I prefer spaces that are organized and, most importantly, clean. But, as any great DIYer will tell you, cleaning up stinks. It's much more fun to make messes rather than clean them up. But what if I told you that you could construct your own compressed air broom that would turn workshop cleanup from boring to exciting?

According to Popular Mechanics: There's nothing wrong with a broom and a dustpan, but this DIY air broom quickly pushes dust and debris of all sizes into manageable piles. Plus it's much more fun to use than any vacuum or broom.

To build this air broom you'll need 1/2-inch PVC pipe, end caps, T-joint, air-valve, and a coupler. Drill 1/16-inch sized holes into the shorter ends of the broom and angle them inward to keep the air from blowing everywhere.

To learn more, read "Turn Sweeping the Workshop from a Chore to a Joy with a DIY Air Broom" from Popular Mechanics.